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The fun new way to meet

with the camera off.


Have your next meeting around a campfire. Or in a pirate ship. Or on another planet. Remotely meeting rooms are a fun, social way to be with your team, in unique 3D environments. They’re a world away from “yet another video meeting.”

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Re-engage your team.


When you can’t be together, like during lockdowns, it’s vital to keep the team energized. If you’re noticing team engagement dwindling after the third video meeting of the day, it’s time to mix it up. With a few clicks you can be together in another world, and feel connected and re-engaged.





Mix it up.


We’re building all kinds of rooms to keep your locked down or remote team engaged and bust that video call fatigue. Test our beta product now to get a first taste of what's to come.



What others are saying.

"This is really cool - try clicking around the rooms for unexpected stuff." - Cam, San Francisco

"Normally I don't say a lot in a meeting, but I feel comfortable to share my ideas in this room"  - Ashwin, Auckland

"I just love these rooms - I feel much more confident talking"  - Shirley, Sydney


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